adultsaguiar karate

Older individuals, especially women, are often at risk for osteoporosis, and may also experience a decrease in muscle tone and balance. It is proven that physical activity not only builds muscle mass and bone density, but also improves balance and memory, rejuvenating the entire body. Karate can provide these weight-bearing, and low-to-medium impact exercises. Punching and kicking drills result in stronger muscles and bones, while the training of kihon (fundamentals) with steps forward and backward, develops aerobic endurance and balance. Individuals of any age can participate, and within months the results are amazing.

Karate is more than a form of physical activity; karate is a martial art that produces emotional control and confidence. With kata training it is possible for an older person to regain balance and physical strength in the legs, which can greatly help in everyday life. Regaining self esteem is very important to people to feel younger, and see that it is never too late to practice a martial art. Older individuals will not feel it necessary to train in karate as a sport of competition, but rather just for the exercise, self-defense, and personal fulfillment that this martial art can provide.

Karate as a healthy lifestyle

As a physical art, karate is a wonderful all-around exercise, as this art form requires great vigor, thus making any person highly energetic. It utilizes numerous body muscles in a balanced manner. Karate makes a person both physically and mentally alert and develops excellent hand to eye coordination and swiftness. Karate strengthens the body and the spirit of a person. You can burn more than 700 calories in just one class, reduce your stress, burn fat, and improve your health.