Testimonial Jared's DadJason Austin
My son has been involved in Karate for a little over a year now. His development has been incredible. When he started, he was unsure about whether he would like it or not. He had never really been someone who joined things or participated in organized activities. Once he started working with Sensei Aguiar, it was amazing. He took to it so quickly. It has instilled in him such a sense of confidence and discipline that wasn't there before. He takes his classes very seriously, and talks about what he learned for days after. He has planned out the times for his belt tests and recognizes the empowerment he has achieved in learning the skills taught in the class. All in all, this has been a fantastic experience for my son and our family.
My son started Karate with Sensei Aguiar about six months ago. From the first day he really connected with Sensei, and he looks forward to each and every Karate class. He is always learning something new and excited to share and teach what has been learned that day with his family. I've never seen him so excited or motivated about any other athletic activities. His development has really been amazing even with only starting 6 months ago. He has increased strength, confidence, and discipline. This has been a wonderful experience for our whole family and we look forward to continuing at Aguiar Karate. We love it!!
Jason Harris
Edgardo tiene alrededor de 14 meses en Aguiar Karate, hoy tiene mas entusiasmo en ejercitarse, es mas fuerte y mas habil que antes, ademas tiene mas seguridad en si mismo, sabe como defenderse y controlarse, ahora es mas diciplinado y organizado en todo, incluso me ha aydado a conscientizarlo de lo que es una responsabilidad, ya que ir al Karate no se puede posponer, tiempo que falta a su clase, es tiempo que pierde en aprendizaje y autocontrol. Estoy muy orgullosa de todo lo que ha logrado con ayuda del Sensei Aguiar.
Hylda S. Jimenes de Trujillo
Testimonial MarkMark Ernst
I first met Sensei Aguiar after having completed a self-defense class with my daughter. I found his style of teaching was patient, thorough, and caring. So when he suggested taking Karate it seemed natural. I have now been taking class with Sensei for Just over a year and I've earned a blue belt. He is a terrific teacher. He doesn't push me beyond my limits, and I've learned my limits have grown. I fell more confident and disciplined as the result of my training. I never thought I would compete, but when Sensei suggested I might compete with Kata, I felt I might be up for it. I feel it has been possible because of how my training is progressing. I recomend Aguiar Karate for anyone looking to learn new life skills.